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Release 1.7

“Loose ends” is the continuing story of Jared, Miss Parker, Sydney, Broots, Angelo, Mr. Parker, Mr. Raines, Mr. Lyle, Zoe, Margaret, Major Charles, Emily, Sam, Willie and many others characters who find answers to these questions:

Why does Miss Parker looks like her mother?  Why does Sydney see his dead brother? Will Jared find his mom?  Did Mr. Parker die? Does Angelo know more than what he shows? Who is Miss Parkers father anyway? Did any “bodies not found” ever return? What are the Scrolls all about? And what happened to Zoe? Why did the Center not want Jared to meet his mother?  Are there other sides to Mr. Lyle, Mr. Raines, Willie and Sam? Will Broots ever kiss Miss Parker again?  What is Jared next pretend? Where is his heart?

(Inspired by The Pretender Creators)

 Tim “A. Fan” Britt

Release Date: 7/31/2013

I am one of them!

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The Pretender - LOOSE ENDS - R1-7.pdf

This story of The Pretender – “LOOSE ENDS” was written entirely by a fan with the help of the back ground story of The Pretender series and movies and “pretendercentre.com” for pictures of some context for the prolog. (Great site) I watched the entire series over 10 times to make sure the story line fits. The Writer of “Loose Ends” does not own “The Pretender series”, nor any of its characters, nor the website “pretendercentre.com”, nor the newly created website “thepretenderlives.com”.   No money is made and no copyright infringement is intended. This story is not intended to counter any existing story lines nor infringe on any Pretender Franchise. These views and story lines are not necessary the views of the original writers and owners of “The Pretender series”, “Thepretenderlives.com”  or the website fan fictions site “pretendercentre.com”  It is “Fan Fiction” written as entertainment and thanks for the actors, writers and fans!

(Please excuse any typographical or clerical errors or any story line omissions)

There are pretenders among us

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