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Today’s ZEN:

In 1996 there was a TV show called “The Pretender”  It was created out of the minds of  Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W. Van Sickle about a young prodigy boy, abducted from his family and exploited by “The Centre” for his genius ideas . It was a fantastic series, but sadly, it was canceled too soon in the 4th season in 2000.  Two movies followed, but the ending was never written.  Fans were disappointed.  

I had the opportunity of writing a very emotional, exciting and thought provoking ending for their story complete with pictures and artwork and named it “Loose Ends”.  I wrote it for my 83 year father who wanted to see the ending.  It took five months and was finishing it  on July 4th, 2013 … as fate would have it… They announced on July 19th, 2013 that they were starting up the series again    … (12 years later) @ “thepretenderlives.com”

So I put my final episode “Loose Ends” on a fan fiction web site that is now a part of The Pretender Fan Fiction saga on www.pretendercentre.com.  

<Click here for the link>

I used the energy of completing this first story to continue with the rest of my writings!  

(Thank you Steve and Craig for the inspiration to do just that!)                                                                     TB

  Every direction takes  us to a new destiny.  

Sometimes change is just as important as expectations!

Loose Ends