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Today’s ZEN:

One night a little girl climbed up on her daddy’s lap and asked…

“Daddy, what does God look like?”

“Wow, let me try to explain.” says the father.

“Well to your bunny rabbit … GOD looks like the Wise Loving Bunny showing them where to live, eat and play …  

To a squirrel …. GOD looks like the Great Squirrel in the Sky pointing to fresh trees, nuts and berries …

To a Fish … GOD looks like A Powerful Leading Fish guiding them to spawning grounds and fresh water ...

To the trees, plants and insects … GOD looks like Nature, the changing seasons and the continuous rebirth and growth all around them!”

“Hmm” says the girl, “ But Daddy, what does GOD look like to us?”

“Well,  in some Religions .. GOD looks like a Spiritual Being, greater than ourselves to enlighten and guide us. To others, god is put into statues or objects that remind them of GOD. Each religion does their best to explain our Infinite GOD with limited understanding. It is a good start but some do not see god at all, only themselves …”  


Trying to explain infinity … is like an ameba teaching the laws of physics … Maybe we can learn from an ameba!