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Today’s ZEN:

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Just Around the Corner - by T. Britt

My daughter suffered from thyroid cancer and had to have it removed.  She has to take  hormones and supplements daily to find the right “chemistry” to keep her mind in a comfortable state.  One of the many wonders we take for granted is what our thyroid produces for us daily.   

One day she called me crying and sad.  I told her that I would call her right back.  All within 5 minutes, I turned on a recorder, picked up my guitar and let my fingers and words flow out my mind.  

I thought that it was a little corny, but it made her laugh and smile and she said I should share it.

So, to all those cancer champions, here is a copy of her original first draft, un-rehearsed unknown song as it just flowed out in the hopes it may give you a smile too.        

(Created: 3/31/13)   

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 Sometimes we are the ones who are …

Just around  the corner … for someone else!

A smile  is contagious!


just around the corner.MP3

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