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Today’s ZEN:


I was riding my bike and I came upon a large grape vine next to the sidewalk.  I noticed that about one third of the grapes where dried and leaves were turning brown.  

I asked myself  “Why did the owner not enjoy their own vines?”

The vine called to me with a gentle voice and said ... "Enjoy my gift"

I followed this feeling and selected a few of the grapes that were still green.  I found that there were plenty of good grapes left.

I blessed the vine and its owner and as I was ready to leave, the clear gentle voice again said ... "Take some with you ... from here"

I reached under an unseen place in the vine and found a small bunch of grapes fresh and green.  I smiled, thanked the vine and took this bunch home for my dad.

I realized ... Such it is with all life ...

Those who have talents … wish to share them! But if we are too busy or we refuse to listen those talents ... they end up dying on the vine.   Even divine talents if not shared will wither away.  

We need not wait for our next life to share was is plainly available in front of our own eyes. (9/7/13)            TB

Let the inspiration out when it comes

… it is even worth the embarrassment later!

More benefit comes it than we realize!