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Today’s ZEN:

Living Through The Impossible


An eagle was gliding through the mountains unaware it had a seed caught in its feathers.  As the eagle flapped its great wings, the seed loosened and sailed through the air only to land on top of a large rock.

“I am doomed” says the seed, “it is impossible for me to survive now.  This is rock and I am only a seed.  I cannot grow through rock, that is impossible.”

As the morning dew soaked the mountain, the seed sprouted in a small path of dirt covering a crevasse on the rock.  “At least I can cool my roots in the dew but I cannot get much further, this rock is harder than I am!”

The seed had just enough space to put its roots through a small fisher and continued to grow each day. The tree slowly grew until one day it was a giant on the top of that mountain.  Birds could nest in its branches, animals would hide from danger and even visitors climbing the mountain would comment on its beauty and stability.


Giving up could have been easy, but for every inch the tree grew … the rock gave an inch.  

SUCH IS LIFE.                                   11/15/13 TB

For every inch the tree grows …

The Rock Gives an inch!

Such is life!